BullDude’s Portfolios: Weekly Report

Within this article you will find a weekly summary of the 5 BullDude’s Portfolios that are in the testing phase (6 months):

  • “Greater Strength” Portfolio
  • “Growing Business Data” Portfolio
  • “Mid / Large – Cap” Portfolio
  • “Small – Cap” Portfolio
  • “IPOs” Portfolio

Although the main US stock indices ended the week down sharply (S&P 500 -2.5% and Nasdaq 100 -4.6%) all 5 BullDude’s Portfolios performed better than the benchmarks.

Want to know what BullDude’s Portfolios are?

Below you will find a comment on the performance of the week and for each of the 5 BullDude’s Portfolios you will find a series of information such as the current holdings of the portfolios and the relative profit and loss for each position.

You can find all the daily buying and selling operations in the article “BullDude’s Portfolios: Daily Transactions” which is published in the following category:

*Being only the second week of testing, the data available are few, so in the coming weeks this report will be improved with more information and statistics.
*This is a testing phase and it is strongly NOT recommended to replicate trades using a real money account

BullDude’s Portfolios

Weekly Performance

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