(Unusual Volume) Top & Flop: 30 Stocks To Watch

Within this article you will find information on the companies that have shown unusual volume, i.e. a strongest increase in number of shares traded in the last trading session compared to recent months. The sharp increase in volume is an event that may indicate greater strength or belief in the increase (or decrease) of the stock price.

Increase in Volume: Stocks To Watch

Below you will find 2 sections containing the 20 companies that in the last trading session have shown a much higher volume than in the last few months, separating which have increased in price and which have decreased. Finally, there is a third section where you can find the 10 companies with the most shares traded in the last trading session.

Within the 3 sections you will find the following information for each company:

  • Vol vs 3Mo Avg:
    Percentage increase / decrease of shares traded in the last trading session compared to the average of the last 3 months.
  • Volume (Mil.):
    Number of shares traded during the last trading session (in millions of shares).
  • Chg. %:
    Percentage increase / decrease in price in the last trading session compared to the previous one.

*market capitalization of at least $ 2 billion
*daily volume equal to or greater than 100,000 shares traded

Data updated to
September 29, 2023

Today’s Rising Stocks

In this section you will find the 10 companies that have grown in price with a number of shares traded well above the average of the last 3 months.

Vol vs 3Mo Avg.Volume (Mil.)Chg. %TickerCompanySectorIndustry
407.3%6.50.27%UGPUltrapar Participacoes S.A. ADROils-EnergyOil - Production & Pipeline
458.0%7.40.00%SYNHSyneos Health IncMedicalMedical Information Systems
329.7%32.26.68%NKENike IncConsumer StaplesShoes and Related Apparel
226.1%1.91.88%GBDCGolub Capital BdcFinanceFinance - SBIC & Commercial
224.5%1.50.78%NABLN-Able IncBusiness ServicesTechnology Services
185.3%0.92.53%VERXVertex Inc Cl AComputers and TechnologyInternet - Software
218.6%4.01.19%SNYSanofi-Aventis S.A. ADRMedicalLarge Cap Pharma
306.9%2.21.04%ELPCompanhia Paranaense DE Energia [Copel] ADRUtilitiesUtility - Electric Power
107.2%2.00.00%RETAReata PharmaMedicalMedical - Biomedical
137.5%2.12.24%EBRCentrais Electricas Brazil ADRUtilitiesUtility - Electric Power


Today’s Declining Stocks

In this section you will find the 10 companies that have fallen in price with a number of shares traded well above the average of the last 3 months.

Vol vs 3Mo Avg.Volume (Mil.)Chg. %TickerCompanySectorIndustry
2135.9%10.9-4.10%TRTNTriton International LtdTransportationTransportation - Equip & Lease
716.2%5.0-17.41%CORTCorcept TherapeuticsMedicalMedical - Drugs
685.8%9.5-2.75%NEPNextera Energy Partners LPOils-EnergyOther Alt Energy
507.9%1.8-3.72%MDGLMadrigal Pharmaceuticals IncMedicalMedical - Drugs
385.8%8.1-0.70%LACLithium Americas CorpBasic MaterialsChemical - Diversified
374.5%5.2-6.01%EURNEuronav NVTransportationTransportation - Ship
205.4%91.1-4.99%CCLCarnival CorpConsumer DiscretionaryLeisure & Recreation Services
205.7%5.1-5.11%CUKCarnival Plc ADRConsumer DiscretionaryLeisure & Recreation Services
391.5%2.6-0.39%NOMDNomad Foods LtdConsumer StaplesFood - Misc & Diversified
186.0%0.5-7.47%BMIBadger MeterComputers and TechnologyIndustrial Controls

Top 10 Volume Leaders

In this last section you will find the 10 companies that have seen the highest number of shares traded in the last trading session compared to all other companies listed on the US stock exchange.

Vol vs 3Mo Avg.Volume (Mil.)Chg. %TickerCompanySectorIndustry
10.3%128.11.56%TSLATesla IncAuto-Tires-TrucksAuto - Domestic
205.4%91.1-4.99%CCLCarnival CorpConsumer DiscretionaryLeisure & Recreation Services
27.5%77.61.46%PLTRPalantir Technologies Inc Cl ABusiness ServicesTechnology Services
-19.4%75.3-4.85%NKLANikola CorpAuto-Tires-TrucksAuto - Domestic
25.5%62.3-1.11%FFord Motor CompanyAuto-Tires-TrucksAuto - Domestic
14.5%61.40.90%AMZNAmazon.com IncRetail-WholesaleInternet Commerce
-6.0%56.10.06%AMDAdv Micro DevicesComputers and TechnologyElectronics - Semiconductors
-14.0%50.30.30%AAPLApple IncTechnologyConsumer Electronics
74.7%42.03.37%PFEPfizer IncMedicalLarge Cap Pharma
-34.4%40.81.46%NIONio Inc ADRAuto-Tires-TrucksAuto - Foreign

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