(Pre-Market) Top & Flop: 40 Stocks To Watch

In this article you will find the 40 most interesting stocks that are moving the most during the pre-market, which is the phase that precedes the official start of the trading session. Often these stocks are the most talked about during the day because the pre-market movement can be given by the release of particular news or events such as the publication of financial statements.

Below you will find 4 tables:

  • Stock Indices:
    Contains the pre-market performance of the top 4 United States stock market indices (S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Dow Jones Industrial and Russell 2000).
  • Top Stocks:
    Contains the best performing stocks in the pre-market.
  • Flop Stocks:
    Contains the worst performing stocks in the pre-market.
  • Top Stocks by Market Cap:
    Contains the pre-market performance of the 20 largest stocks by market capitalization.

*market capitalization expressed in billions of dollars ($b)

Data updated to
September 29, 2023

Stock Indices

This first section shows the pre-market performance of the 4 most important United States indices.

S&P 5000.73%
Nasdaq 1001.00%
Dow Jones0.66%
Russell 20000.58%

Top Stocks

This second section shows the 20 best performing stocks in the pre-market.

Pre-MarketTickerCompanyMarket Cap ($b)SectorIndustry
67.76%GPCRStructure Therapeutics$ 1.3HealthcareBiotechnology
15.17%BROGBrooge Holdings Ltd$ 0.6UtilitiesUtility - Gas Distribution
10.34%NKENike Inc$ 137.1Consumer StaplesShoes and Related Apparel
9.81%EDITEditas Medicine$ 0.6MedicalMedical - Biomedical
8.39%DHRDanaher Corp$ 182.5ConglomeratesConglomerates - Div Operations
8.09%NMRANeumora Therapeutics$ 2.0HealthcareBiotechnology
8.06%SBHSally Beauty Holdings$ 0.9Retail-WholesaleRetail - Misc & Diversified
7.08%LNDBrasilAgro - Companhia Brasil.$ 0.6Consumer DefensiveFarm Products
6.80%BIPBrookfield Infrastruct.$ 13.7UtilitiesUtility - Electric Power
6.15%CVBFCvb Financial Corp$ 2.3FinanceBanks - West
6.01%SGMLSigma Lithium Corp$ 3.5Basic MaterialsOther Industrial Metals & Mining
5.76%AHHArmada Hoffler Prop.$ 0.9FinanceREIT - Equity Trust Resident
5.62%VKTXViking Therapeutics$ 1.1HealthcareBiotechnology
5.59%BMBLBumble Inc$ 2.7Computers and TechnologyInternet - Software
5.40%GTLSChart Industries IN$ 7.2Industrial ProductsMachinery - General Industrial
5.16%BBIOBridgebio Pharma Inc$ 4.4MedicalMedical - Generic Drugs
5.10%GBCIGlacier Bancorp Inc$ 3.2FinanceBanks - West
4.99%TROWT. Rowe Price Group$ 23.4Financial ServicesAsset Management
4.99%LWLamb Weston Holdings$ 13.4Consumer StaplesFood - Misc & Diversified
4.99%RVMDRevolution Medicines$ 3.1MedicalMedical - Drugs


Flop Stocks

This fourth section shows the 20 worst performing stocks in the pre-market.

Pre-MarketTickerCompanyMarket Cap ($b)SectorIndustry
-5.67%OPRAOpera Ltd$ 1.2Computers and TechnologyInternet - Content
-5.53%ELPCompanhia Paranaense $ 25.9UtilitiesUtility - Electric Power
-5.48%REVGRev Group Inc$ 0.9TransportationTransportation - Services
-5.39%BXPBoston Properties$ 9.3FinanceREIT - Equity Trust Other
-5.35%AMTDAMTD IDEA Group$ 3.7Financial ServicesAsset Management
-4.98%PHVSPharvaris N.V.$ 0.8HealthcareBiotechnology
-4.92%UGPUltrapar Participacoes$ 4.2Oils-EnergyOil - Production & Pipeline
-4.82%ECXECARX Holdings$ 1.1Consumer CyclicalAuto Parts
-4.57%TELTe Connectivity Ltd$ 38.9Computers and TechnologyElectronics - Misc Components
-4.46%ROIVRoivant Sciences Ltd$ 9.8MedicalMedical - Biomedical
-4.29%CCOClear Channel Outdoor$ 0.8Business ServicesAdvertising Marketing Services
-4.26%GSHDGoosehead Insurance$ 2.9FinanceInsurance - Multi Line
-4.13%TBLATaboola.com Ltd$ 1.1Computers and TechnologyIT Services
-3.96%AMAMAmbrx Biopharma$ 0.7HealthcareBiotechnology
-3.89%NNNextnav Inc$ 0.6Business ServicesTechnology Services
-3.79%HCAHca Holdings Inc$ 68.2MedicalMedical - Hospitals
-3.48%VLRSControladora Vuela$ 0.9TransportationTransportation - Airline
-3.29%BIPCBrookfield Infrastructure$ 4.0FinanceFinance - Misc Services
-3.16%LZMLifezone Metals Limited$ 1.2
-3.11%SESSES AI Corp$ 0.8Consumer CyclicalAuto Parts

Top Stocks by Market Cap

This last section shows the pre-market movement of the 20 largest companies in terms of market capitalization.

Pre-MarketTickerCompanyMarket Cap ($b)SectorIndustry
1.07%AAPLApple Inc$ 2,668.6TechnologyConsumer Electronics
1.03%MSFTMicrosoft Corp$ 2,330.3Computers and TechnologyComputer - Software
1.03%GOOGAlphabet Cl C$ 1,672.4Computers and TechnologyInternet - Services
1.77%AMZNAmazon.com Inc$ 1,299.8Retail-WholesaleInternet Commerce
1.58%NVDANvidia Corp$ 1,064.3Computers and TechnologySemi General
1.52%METAMeta Platforms Inc$ 782.1Computers and TechnologyInternet - Software
1.60%TSLATesla Inc$ 782.0Auto-Tires-TrucksAuto - Domestic
0.26%BRK-BBerkshire Hathaway B$ 779.0FinanceInsurance - Proprty & Casualty
0.01%LLYEli Lilly and Company$ 516.8MedicalLarge Cap Pharma
0.63%VVisa Inc$ 481.8Business ServicesFinancial Transaction Services
0.44%XOMExxon Mobil Corp$ 476.3Oils-EnergyOil - International Integrated
UNHUnitedhealth Group$ 472.5MedicalMedical - HMO
1.75%TSMTaiwan Semiconductor$ 448.2Computers and TechnologySemi Fab Foundries
0.16%WMTWalmart Inc$ 437.5Retail-WholesaleRetail - Supermarket
0.41%JPMJP Morgan Chase & Co$ 428.9FinanceBanks - Major Regional
1.36%NVONovo Nordisk$ 409.3MedicalLarge Cap Pharma
0.39%JNJJohnson & Johnson$ 377.8MedicalLarge Cap Pharma
0.62%MAMastercard Inc$ 373.4Business ServicesFinancial Transaction Services
0.14%PGProcter & Gamble Co$ 344.9Consumer StaplesSoap and Cleaning Products
0.96%AVGOBroadcom Ltd$ 343.4Computers and TechnologyElectronics - Semiconductors

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