Earnings Calendar and Dividends Calendar

This article allows you to know the companies that are about to release their earnings reports, pay the dividend and are about to have the Pre Ex-Dividend Date (one day before ex-dividend date), i.e. the last day on which it is possible to take possession of the company’s shares to be entitled to receive the next dividend.

*N/A = No company releases earnings report
*Market capitalization expressed in billions of dollars

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Next Earnings Reports

In this first section we will briefly see which companies are next to release release the earnings reports before the market opens and after the close.

Before Open

TickerCompanyMarket Cap ($b)SectorIndustry
Earnings DateMarch 4, 2024
SESea Ltd ADR$ 28.8Computers and TechnologyInternet - Software
GSLGlobal Ship Lease Inc$ 0.7TransportationTransportation - Ship

After Close

TickerCompanyMarket Cap ($b)SectorIndustry
Earnings DateMarch 4, 2024
GTLBGitlab Inc Cl A$ 11.2Computers and TechnologyInternet - Software
AVAVAerovironment Inc$ 3.6AerospaceAerospace - Defense Equipment
CRGYCrescent Energy Co$ 2.0EnergyOil & Gas E&P
PAYPaymentus Holdings$ 2.0Business ServicesTechnology Services
SEMRSemrush Holdings Inc$ 1.8Computers and TechnologyInternet - Software


Next Dividends

This second section provides two types of important information on dividends: Which companies are going to pay the dividend and which have the Pre Ex-Dividend Date, which is the last day in which to own the shares of the company to be entitled to receive the next dividend.

Payment Date

This first subsection lists the companies that are going to pay the dividend. The following table shows the amount of the dividend paid (Dividend Per Share) and the date by which it was necessary to be in possession of the company’s shares at the opening of the trading session to be entitled to receive it (Ex-Dividend Date).

SymbolCompanyMarket Cap ($b)Last PriceDividend per ShareEx-Dividend Date
Payment DateMarch 4, 2024
VLOValero Energy Corp$ 47.64$ 143.28$ 1.072024-01-31
JBLJabil Circuit$ 18.77$ 147.18$ 0.082024-02-14
EQHAxa Equitable Holdings$ 11.12$ 33.73$ 0.222024-02-23
IVZInvesco Ltd.$ 6.98$ 15.53$ 0.202024-02-15
MURMurphy Oil Corp$ 6.18$ 40.45$ 0.302024-02-16
MACMacerich Company$ 3.56$ 16.52$ 0.172024-02-15
RRRRed Rock Resorts Inc$ 3.43$ 57.89$ 1.002024-02-21
PATKPatrick Inds Inc$ 2.74$ 122.29$ 0.552024-02-16
USA$ 1.87$ 6.82$ 0.172024-01-18

Pre Ex-Dividend Date

This second subsection lists the companies that are going to have the Pre Ex-Dividend Date (one day before ex-dividend date), i.e. the last day on which to be able to take possession of the company’s shares to be entitled to receive the payment of the dividend which will be paid on the date indicated in the column “Payment Date” of the following table.

SymbolCompanyMarket Cap ($b)Last PriceDividend per SharePayment Date
Pre Ex-DateMarch 4, 2024
NVDANvidia Corp$ 2,056.98$ 822.79$ 0.042024-03-27
CICigna Corp$ 97.34$ 332.96$ 1.402024-03-21
ODFLOld Dominion Freight $ 48.35$ 444.28$ 0.522024-03-20
HALHalliburton Company$ 31.72$ 35.64$ 0.172024-03-27
LUVSouthwest Airlines Co$ 20.26$ 33.96$ 0.182024-03-27
AVYAvery Dennison Corp$ 17.45$ 216.72$ 0.812024-03-20
FOXFox Corp Cl B$ 13.40$ 26.99$ 0.262024-03-26
PVHPhillips-Van Heusen$ 8.22$ 137.84$ 0.042024-03-27
KGCKinross Gold Corp$ 6.24$ 5.08$ 0.032024-03-21
AGOAssured Guaranty Ltd$ 5.09$ 91.81$ 0.312024-03-20
FNBF.N.B. Corp$ 4.82$ 13.43$ 0.122024-03-15
AVTAvnet Inc$ 4.347.6$ 0.312024-03-20
ORAOrmat Technologies$ 4.065.8$ 0.122024-03-20
CRCCalifornia Resources$ 3.754.0$ 0.312024-03-18
LBRTLiberty Oilfield Services$ 3.621.8$ 0.072024-03-20
PJTPjt Partners Inc Cl A$ 2.5104.7$ 0.252024-03-20
BLMNBloomin' Brands Inc$ 2.428.0$ 0.242024-03-20
FUNCedar Fair LP$ 2.242.4$ 0.302024-03-20
CAKECheesecake Fact$ 1.835.4$ 0.272024-03-19
DEAEasterly Government $ 1.211.9$ 0.272024-03-18
BBDCBarings Bdc Inc$ 1.09.8$ 0.262024-03-13

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