BullDude’s Portfolios: Daily Transactions | November 17

Within this article we are going to find out what transactions were made in today’s trading session for each of the 6 BullDude’s Portfolios that are in the testing phase (6 months):

  • “Mid / Large – Cap” Portfolio
  • “Small – Cap” Portfolio
  • “IPOs” Portfolio
  • “Tech Stars” Portfolio
  • “Growing Business Data” Portfolio
  • “Greater Strength” Portfolio

Want to know what BullDude’s Portfolios are?

For each of the 6 portfolios there is a brief description and the positions that were opened and closed in today’s trading session. Screenshots taken directly from Investing.com “Portfolio” section are inserted for open and closed positions and are published no later than 15 minutes after the close of the trading session.

The summary containing the performance of the 6 portfolios will be published at the weekend.

This is a testing phase and it is strongly NOT recommended to replicate trades using a real money account

“Mid / Large-Cap” Portfolio

Risk Level: Medium

The “Mid / Large-Cap” portfolio will only contain companies with a market capitalization of more than $ 5 billion, with no limitations in terms of industry or sector.

Open Positions:

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