BullDude’s Bundles: An Innovative Way to Follow the Stock Market

Usually if we want to check the performance of the United States stock market we look at the S&P 500 index for its completeness or we look at the Nasdaq index if we want to focus on the technology companies.

The problem with following the performance of the indices (and the ETFs linked to individual industries) is that they contain up to hundreds of companies within them, giving us useful but too general information.

BUT if we wanted more specific information…

for example… only in reference to the most representative companies of the digital payments industry (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal), or in the cannabis industry (Canopy Growth, Aphria, Aurora Cannabis and Tilray) or companies active in looking for a COVID-19 vaccine (Moderna, Novavax, Sorrento Therapeutics. and Inovio Pharmaceuticals) or the most interesting companies that have just gone public????

… The answer to this question is: BullDude’s Bundles

What is a BullDude’s Bundle?

I start from an example … The BullDude’s Bundle called “Cannabis” allows you to follow the performance of only the 4 most representative companies in the cannabis industry (Canopy Growth, Aphria, Aurora Cannabis and Tilray).

Or the bundle “2019 Hot IPOs” includes the 12 companies that have been listed on the stock exchange during 2019 and that have been chatting for several reasons in recent weeks (Zoom, Fiverr, Beyond Meat, Chewy etc.) or the bundle “Media” includes companies active in this industry such as Netflix, Disney and Roku.

So… 22 bundles were created for the United States stock market and 20 bundles for the European stock market, so as to follow the stock market in a totally innovative way.

The 22 US bundles are made up of 20 normal bundles containing 4 companies each, while the remaining 2 are Mega Bundles, i.e. made up of 12 companies each and are those referring to the 2020 and 2019 Hot IPOs.

22 United States BullDude’s Bundles

20 European BullDude’s Bundles

Why is it useful to follow the performance of the bundles?

The main purpose is to have a clearer view of the performance of the stock market than to look only at the performance of an index that includes hundreds of companies, giving useful but too general information.

Furthermore, it is useful for identifying bundles that are outperforming or underperforming the market in the short term (in the last day or in the last week) or in the medium-long term (in the last month or in the last year).

How can I follow the progress of the BullDude’s Bundles?

The articles that will be published with reference to the BullDude’s bundles are as follows:

  • Pre-Market Movers: (for United States Bundles only)
    • about 2 hours before the opening of the stock market, an article is published that includes the movement in the pre-market phase of the companies included in the 22 bundles
  • Daily Stock Market Summary:
    • after the stock exchange closes, an article is published showing the performance of each bundle and its components
  • Mid-Day Update:
    • Towards the middle of the trading session, an update will be published on the performance of bundles and companies
  • Weekly Update:
    • At the end of each week, a performance summary of each of the 22 bundles and 104 components will be published.

To find out the articles that have already been published in reference to the Bull Dude’s Bundles

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