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Exclusive Content

Chart Patterns

This category gives you access to around 60 exclusive articles each month containing the stocks (and cryptocurrencies) that show the most important and effective Chart Patterns every day.

From stocks that show the chart patterns of resistance breakout, trendline breakout and key moving average breakout to those with a chart conformation that increases the chances of making a breakout in subsequent trading sessions.

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Example from a "Resistance Breakout" article

Exclusive Content

Stock Analysis

This category allows you to discover every week the key data of various interesting stocks from a business point of view, therefore revenue in strong and constant growth, the ability to produce profits at the end of the year and to grow over time.

Furthermore, the stocks are selected on the basis of the future growth estimates of the 2 main key business data; Revenue and Net Income.

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Example from Tesla Inc (TSLA) Key Business Data

Exclusive Content

Earnings Reports

This category allows you to access an analysis of the most anticipated companies that are about to release the earnings report in terms of expected earnings growth and other key data. In addition, an analysis of the released results is published at the weekend.

Furthermore, within this category you will find an exclusive article published every day that informs you about Pre-Market movers.

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Example of the key data of the most anticipated earnings reports

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Frequently Asked Question

Every day many opportunities are created on the stock market, in particular in reference to companies that exceed certain key chart levels.

On BullDude.com every day you will find analysis that inform you about these events, together with analysis on earnings reports and key data of many companies.

You can access all this valuable information in one place at a very low price.

By purchasing a 1, 3 or 7 day pass you can access all the hundreds of exclusive content on BullDude.com.

Absolutely NOT.

This type of product allows you to access all exclusive content on BullDude.com for a limited period of time, therefore the payment refers only to that period and there is NO automatic renewal.

The Pass and Membership allow you to access all exclusive content posted on BullDude.com for a limited period of time.

The BullDude.com Pass is used by those who want to access this content for a shorter period of time (1, 3 or 7 days) and want to make a one-time payment, i.e. without there being an automatic renewal at the end of the period.

The BullDude.com Membership is used by those who wish to access this exclusive content for a longer period of time (1 month or 1 year) with the convenience of automatic renewal at the end of each period, which can be terminated at any time.


The pass entitles you to access 100% of the content posted on BullDude.com, including the hundreds that were posted the days / months before.

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