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Best Chart Patterns

Discover the Stocks and Cryptocurrencies that show the best Chart Patterns.

Resistance Breakout, Potential Breakout, Key Moving Average Breakout and Buy The Dip.

Every day, with just one click.

Trend Analysis

Access the exclusive Trend Analysis on the Top 150 Stocks and Top 50 Crypto.

Find out the direction, strength and trend change of top stocks like Apple and top Crypto like Bitcoin.

Updates every day.

Key Business Data

Find out about stocks with growing Key Business Data and estimates of further future growth.

Earnings Reports

Discover the analysis on the most anticipated stocks that are about to release the earnings reports.

Additionally, you can access Pre-Market movers.

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Exclusive Categories

Exclusive Content

Chart Patterns

This category gives you access to around 60 exclusive articles each month containing the stocks (and cryptocurrencies) that show the most important and effective Chart Patterns every day.

From stocks that show the chart patterns of buy the dip, resistance breakout, trendline breakout and key moving average breakout to those with a chart conformation that increases the chances of making a breakout in subsequent trading sessions.

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Example from a "Resistance Breakout" article

Exclusive Content

Trend Analysis

This category gives access to exclusive content published every day that allows you to know, through summaries and rankings, the direction, strength and moments of change in the trend of the 150 Top Wall Street stocks and 50 Top Crypto.

Find out every day which of the 150 Top Wall Street stocks (from Apple to Tesla) and which of the 50 Top Crypto (from Bitcoin to Ethereum) are in a strong positive or negative trend and which are reversing the trend in the short, medium and long term.

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Example of ranking based on the Strongest Trend

Exclusive Content

Stock Analysis

This category allows you to discover every week the key data of various interesting stocks from a business point of view, therefore revenue in strong and constant growth, the ability to produce profits at the end of the year and to grow over time.

Furthermore, the stocks are selected on the basis of the future growth estimates of the 2 main key business data; Revenue and Net Income.

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Example from Tesla Inc (TSLA) Key Business Data

Exclusive Content

Earnings Reports

This category allows you to access an analysis of the most anticipated companies that are about to release the earnings report in terms of expected earnings growth and other key data. In addition, an analysis of the released results is published at the weekend.

Furthermore, within this category you will find an exclusive article published every day that informs you about Pre-Market movers.

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Example of the key data of the most anticipated earnings reports

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Access hundreds of exclusive content with the BullDude.com Membership

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If you need to know which of the 150 Top Wall Street stocks (from Apple to Tesla) and which of the 50 Top Crypto (From Bitcoin to Ethereum) are in a strong positive or negative trend and which ones have just reversed the trend, just access the Trend Analysis category. Here you will find updates published every day.

If you are interested in discovering interesting stocks with strong key business data growth in recent years and a future of further growth, just choose the Stock Analysis category.

Finally, if you choose the Earnings Reports category you will find the daily article on the pre-market and the analysis on the stocks that have just released the earnings reports or that will release it during the week.

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