Stock Of The Day | December 28

Stock of the day allows you to know the key data of many interesting stocks included in a series of articles that are published almost every day.

Key data to know

The company covered by this analysis is represented by a BullDude’s Card, which is a single image that contains all the key data you need to know, from more general information to key business data from recent years and expectations of future growth.

In the first part of the BullDude’s Card you will find general information such as market capitalization, the percentage distance from the maximum price recorded in the last 52 weeks and the performance of the stock price in the short, medium and long term.

Discover the individual General Informations

Last Price:
The company’s stock price in the last trading session

52-Week High:
How far is the current stock price from the maximum price recorded in the last 52 weeks. If this value is low, the company is close to the maximum price, while if it is high, the company is far from the maximum price.

Market Cap ($M):
Market value of the company expressed in millions of dollars

Stock price performance in the last month
Stock price performance over the past year (12 months)
Stock price performance since the beginning of the year (YTD = Year-To-Date)
Stock price performance over the past 10 years

The second part shows the key business data useful to understand if the company is increasing the size of the business (growing Revenue) and if it is able to generate a profit net of financial, fiscal and extraordinary costs (positive Net Income). In addition, the expected growth rate of the company’s Revenue and Net Income is shown.

Discover the individual Key Business Data

Revenue and Net Income: Revenue are the sum of the products and services sold and the Net Income measures the final profit of the company after subtracting all types of costs (operational, financial, fiscal and extraordinary) from revenue. The metrics are calculated TTM (Trailing 12-Months), therefore as the sum of the last 4 quarters in order to have the data updated to the last quarter released by the company.

Past 5-Years: Revenue/Net Income growth rate over the past 5 years. This data is useful to understand if the company has increased the size of the business and increased profits in the last 5 years.

Next Year: Growth / decrease rate estimated by analysts on Revenue and Net Income. The estimate is based on a comparison between the next fiscal year data estimated by analysts and the 12-month trailing data reported by the company up to now. For example, if a company had a revenue of 1 million in the last 12 months (Fiscal Year 2021) and analysts expect the company to end the next year (Fiscal Year 2022) with revenue of 1.5 million, then the estimated data reported here will be a growth of 50% (from 1 to 1.5 million). Estimates are not certain data and are subject to variation.

*all data is current as of the day this article was written
*growth estimates revised from the data on

*Data in Millions of USD


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