Slack Technologies (WORK): One-Page Key Data Report (FREE)

Since its inception, the purpose of has always been to be a fundamental support to anyone interested in the stock market, both in terms of trading and for longer-term investments. This is done by providing information and analysis every day covering all topics, from the best chart patterns to earnings reports, through to key business data analysis, ALL IN ONE PLACE.

I understand, but why do I need to read this analysis?

This analysis aims to show the main key data of a company within a single page (in the case of the report) or in a very short article. Although the estimated reading time of the analysis should be less than 3 minutes, it shows all the key data you need to know; from more general data such as the amount of the dividend and the relative growth in recent years, to key business data such as the growth in revenue, net income, business margins and expectations on future earnings growth. To conclude with a comparison of return and risk with respect to a market index chosen as the benchmark (the S&P 500 index in this case).

In today’s analysis, Slack Technologies Inc (WORK) was chosen, which is much talked about in the last few hours due to the billionaire acquisition by the giant Salesforce (CRM). Slack went public in June 2019 and lost around 50% of its value in the first few months. In recent months it has recovered and is currently up 90% from the beginning of the year (largely thanks to rumors of acquisition by Salesforce).

The PDF report of the analysis can be downloaded for FREE exclusively on the Telegram channel.