Advanced Micro Devices (AMD): Complete Analysis of the Company in Which 130 Million Shares Were Traded Today

Advanced Micro Devices appeared frequently in the articles here on, the last time in the article of 22 July 2020 “7 Top Stocks to a New All-Time High | July 22” because it had reached a new all-time high and in only 5 days it has grown by over 23%.

However, an analysis on the fundamentals of the company has never been made, and this is what you will find in this article, together with the analysis on all the other aspects of the company, from the ability to outperform the market at the level of risk.

Today 29 July AMD released the earnings report and 130 million shares were traded in one trading session and this analysis is updated to the results reported today.

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This analysis allows to assign a score (BD-score) to the company by analyzing all its most important areas. From the analysis of fundamentals to the ability to outperform the market. Everything is summarized in an easy-to-read score.

The BD-score is based on a weighted assignment of 260 points based on the importance of the following 3 areas:

  • Financials
  • Performance
  • EPS / Analysts Expectations

The BD-score ranges from 0% to 100% and a score above + 70% is considered excellent.

Explaining the assignment of each individual score would be impossible within a single article, so to understand the logic of assigning the scores, below are the characteristics that a company must possess in order to obtain the maximum BD-score (+ 100%) :

  • all key business data must grow steadily and at high growth rates (Revenue, EBITDA, Free-Cash-Flow etc.)
  • must operate with high business margins (EBITDA margin, Net Margin etc.) and must be constantly improving
  • must clearly outperform the market (S&P 500)
  • must be in a positive short, medium and long term trend
  • must always destroy analysts’ expectations in terms of EPS (Earnings-Per-Share) and the stock price must react strongly positively
  • analysts must expect strong EPS (Earnings-Per-Share) growth in the next quarter

Before analyzing the individual areas specifically, there is a summary containing the key data (and BD-scores) of all the areas.

*Data in Millions of USD.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Advanced Micro Devices provides microprocessors (x86-based), chipsets, and discrete graphics processing units (GPUs). The company also offers server and embedded processors and semi-custom System-on-Chip (SoC) products and technology for game consoles.


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