Unusual Volume: 15 Stocks To Watch | April 11

Within this article you will find information on the companies that have shown the strongest increase in volume (number of shares traded) in today’s trading session compared to recent months.
The sharp increase in volume is an event that may indicate greater strength or belief in the increase (or decrease) of the stock price.

Increase In Volume: Stocks To Watch

Below you will find 2 sections containing the companies that in the current trading session have shown a much higher volume than in the last few months, separating which have increased in price compared to yesterday and which have decreased. Finally, there is a third section where you can find the 5 companies with the most shares traded in today’s trading session.

Within the 3 sections you will find the following information for each company:

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  • Ticker and name of the company
  • Price Chg. (%): Percentage increase / decrease in price in today’s session compared to yesterday
  • Volume (Mil.): Number of shares traded during today’s session (in millions of shares)
  • Vol. vs 3mo: Percentage increase / decrease of shares traded in today’s session compared to the average of the last 3 months

Sources & additional info
*the companies selected in this article were chosen from those listed on the united states stock exchange (market capitalization of at least $ 2 billion) and with a daily volume equal to or greater than 100,000 shares traded during the session.

*Volume expressed in millions of shares

– Today’s Rising Stocks

In this section you will find the 5 companies that in today’s trading session have increased the price compared to yesterday with a number of shares traded much higher than the average of the last 3 months.


– Today’s Declining Stocks

In this second section you will find the same information as the previous section but the 5 companies have seen a decrease in price, and not an increase, compared to yesterday with a higher number of shares traded than usual.

– Top 5 Stocks

In this last section you will find the 5 companies that have seen the highest number of shares traded in today’s trading session compared to all other companies listed on the US stock exchange.

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