(Pre-Market) Top & Flop: 20 Stocks To Watch

In this article you will find the 20 stocks that are moving the most during the pre-market, which is the phase that precedes the official start of the trading session. Often these stocks are the most talked about during the day because the pre-market movement can be given by the release of particular news or events such as the publication of financial statements.

Below you will find 2 tables; Top 10 and Flop 10
The first contains the 10 stocks that are growing the most during the pre-market (compared to the closing price of the previous trading session) while the second contains the 10 stocks that are falling the most.

*only companies with a market capitalization of $ 2 billion or more are included

Pre-Market Movers
– Top 10

Pre-Market Movers
– Flop 10