(Mid-Day) Top & Flop: 40 Stocks To Watch | April 24

This article is published in the middle of the trading session and shows the 40 companies that are moving the most. Below you will find 6 tables:

The first table contains the mid-day performance of the 3 main United States stock market indices (S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 and Dow Jones).
The second and third tables contain the 20 stocks that are growing the most in the middle of the trading session (compared to the closing price of the previous trading session) while the other 2 tables contain the 20 stocks that are falling the most.

In addition, you will find a sixth table useful for knowing the mid-day performance of the 10 largest stocks in terms of market capitalization.

*only companies with a market capitalization of $ 2 billion or more are included

– Stock Market Indices

Mid-Day Movers
– Top 20 Stocks


Mid-Day Movers
– Flop 20 Stocks –

Mid-Day Movers
– Top 10 Stocks by Market Cap

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