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“My Analysis” allows you to improve your investments by accessing an exclusive key data analysis on one or more companies (up to 4) of YOUR CHOICE among the 10,000 listed on the United States stock exchange.

Find out everything you need to know about a company, from the ability to grow the business and operate with high and improving margins, to future growth estimates. All in a simple and intuitive format.

If you don’t receive the analysis within 24 hours you will be refunded 100%.

We recommend reading the FAQ for more information and if you need some ideas on the companies to analyze you will also find a link to the list of the 500 largest companies in the United States (S&P 500 index components) and the 100 largest technology companies (Nasdaq 100 index components).

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or keep scrolling to find out the 3 sections of the analysis

3 Sections

Below you will find the description of the 3 sections that you will find within the analysis:

SUMMARY – Performance

SUMMARY – Financials

IN-DEPTH – Stock Analysis

*If you order an analysis of a single company, only the section “IN-DEPTH – Stock Analysis” will be present because the other 2 are useful for making comparisons.

*This analysis does not provide investment recommendations or target prices.

We recommend reading the FAQ for more information and analysis examples.



This introductory section allows you to compare selected companies based on current market value and year-to-date growth

In addition, it allows you to know the direction of the trend in the short, medium and long term and simulates the results of a $ 10,000 investment made 1 year earlier in each of the companies, compared to the market index chosen as a benchmark (e.g. S&P 500 index).



This section allows you to compare selected companies based on key business data and future growth estimates.

In particular, the focus is on: the ability to increase the size of the business (by increasing Revenue); ability to improve the operating margin of the business (increasing EBITDA margin); ability to produce a net profit at the end of the year after all costs incurred (positive and growing Net Income).


Stock Analysis

This section focuses on the individual company and allows you to have an overview of all key data in a single screen.

The presence of the 3 graphs allows you to intuitively understand the trend year after year of the key business data (Revenue, EBITDA, Net Income). The screen highlights the estimated growth in Revenue and Net Income for the next months.


Order your analysis and receive it within 24 hours by choosing PayPal or Stripe (if you want to pay by credit or debit card) as your payment method.

How does it work? it’s very simple.
After making the payment via PayPal or Stripe you will be redirected to a Google form where you can enter the companies to be analyzed and you will receive the analysis within 24 hours directly to your address mail.

The more companies you want to analyze (up to 4) the greater the discounts, up to 60%:

1 Company: $ 9.90

2 Companies: $ 11.90
($9.90 –> $ 5.95 / Company) (40% off)

3 Companies: $ 13.90
($9.90 –> $ 4.63 / Company) (53% off)

4 Companies: $ 15.90
($9.90 –> $ 3.98 / Company) (60% off)

We recommend reading the FAQ for more information.

1 Company: $9.90

2 Companies: $11.90

$ 5.95 / Company (40% off)

3 Companies: $13.90

$ 4.63 / Company (53% off)

4 Companies: $15.90

$ 3.98 / Company (60% off)

1 Company: $9.90

2 Companies: $11.90

$ 5.95 / Company (40% off)

3 Companies: $13.90

$ 4.63 / Company (53% off)

4 Companies: $15.90

$ 3.98 / Company (60% off)

By clicking on the button to proceed with the payment you accept the general terms and conditions of and the terms and conditions of the “My Analysis” service. Furthermore, you declare that you have read and understood the disclaimer.

Frequently Asked Question

Basically yes.

You can request analysis on any of the 10,000 listed companies within the US stock market.

Please note that if the requested company is too small (or listed on the stock exchange only a few months ago (1 or 2)) it is possible that some data is not available such as analysts’ estimates on the future or some financial data.

99.99% of companies with a market capitalization of at least $ 500 million are available.

Below is a link to where you will find a list of the 500 most important companies listed on the US stock exchange (components of the S&P 500 index) and the 100 largest technology companies (components of the Nasdaq 100 index).

S&P 500 index components
Nasdaq 100 index components

If you have any doubts, please contact us before placing your order so we can tell you if the companies you would like to request are available.

Absolutely yes.

Here are some examples of what your analysis will look like based on the number of companies requested in the order:

1 company: 


more than 1 company:


This analysis is useful for knowing all the key data of a company in a simple and intuitive way. For example, if you don’t have the time or skills to do research, you can rely on, all in less than 24 hours.

Once the payment has been made through PayPal or Stripe you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to fill in a Google form where you will have to enter some information to allow us to carry out the analysis on the company you want.

It takes 1 minute to fill out the form.

From the moment you make the payment and fill out the google form (with the indication of the company to be analyzed), it takes a maximum of 24 hours before receiving the analysis.

In the event that 24 hours and 1 minute pass you will still receive the analysis but you will be refunded 100% of the amount spent.

1 order can be placed every 24 hours and can contain up to 4 companies to be analyzed.

Yes, if you do not receive the analysis by email within 24 hours of making the payment (and fill out the google form) you will be fully refunded and you will still receive the analysis.

Within 24 hours you will receive the analysis directly to the email you provide us.

Inside the email you will find a link that will allow you to access an exclusive article (with the analysis you requested).

The email you provide us where to send the analysis will be used by only for purposes directly related to your analysis request. It will never be used by for any commercial or communication purpose.

No, this is not financial advice.

This analysis is intended to make available all the most important information you need to know about a company so that you can make an investment decision by having very good knowledge of the company.

So it is not an investment advice, but it is information that can help you in your choice.


The analysis are also available in Italian language.

Click here to go to the Italian version of this page.

The payment methods available are; PayPal (you need an account) and Stripe (useful for paying by credit or debit card).

Payments are 100% secure because they are managed directly by the 2 payment giants PayPal and Stripe, no data passes through

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