“My Analysis” – Terms and Conditions

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The following terms and conditions must be accepted by those who use the “My Analysis” service on BullDude.com, hereinafter referred to as “service”. The following terms and conditions refer to the individual types of service described below, but presuppose the acceptance of the general terms and conditions of BullDude.com.


The service allows the customer to request an analysis on one or more companies (up to a maximum of 4 per order) of their choice.

Inside the page dedicated to the service (link) you will find all the information you need to understand how the service works, the cost (which varies according to the number of companies to be analyzed), the types of areas covered by the analysis . At the bottom of the page there are many FAQs (Frequently-Asked-Questions) useful for answering many potential customer questions.

Here are the steps to place an order:

1) on the page of the service go to the section relating to prices.
2) choose one of the 4 tabs on the basis of whether you want the analysis on 1,2,3 or 4 companies within the same order and click on the PayPal or Stripe (if you want to pay by credit or debit card) button to make the payment following the instructions provided on the screen.
3) After making the payment you will be redirected to a page containing a google form where the following useful information will be requested in order to proceed with the analysis:
Name of the client, Name of the companies to be analyzed, language in which the analysis is desired (English or Italian), any notes and email address to which to receive the analysis.
4) Fill in the form (estimated time about 1 minute). Once the form has been completed and sent, no further action is required by the customer.


Once you have filled out the google form explained in the previous section, you must wait a maximum of 24 hours before receiving the email that contains the link that allows you to access the analysis.
The email that the customer provides when completing the form useful for receiving the analysis will be used by BullDude.com only for purposes directly related to the delivery of the analysis (for example particular communications, problems or answers to questions from the customer) . The email will never be used for commercial purposes.

In the event that the analysis will not be sent by BullDude.com entered 24 hours since the customer made the payment (and filled out the google form) the cost incurred by customer will be refunded 100% and the customer will still receive the analysis. The only case in which more than 24 hours can pass from receiving the analysis and you are not entitled to a refund is there are problems in the request from the customer. In this case, BullDude.com will immediately inform the customer of the problems (or if BullDude.com needs additional information) and as soon as they are resolved, the period of 24 hours within which to receive the analysis begins.
In no other case than the one just described is the right to be refunded.
The refund takes place according to the timing of the procedure of the chosen payment provider.

Payments (and related customer information) will be handled directly by the payment providers (PayPal and Stripe). No information will be transmitted to BullDude.com except for those that the customer will insert into the google form to be filled in in order to communicate (among other information) the companies to be analyzed.

Contact channels:



Mail: bulldude.info@gmail.com


Under no circumstances can the “My Analysis” service be considered financial advice. The service allows you to have an analysis one or more companies, but in no case can it be considered investment advice. In this regard, we invite you to read the disclaimer which is valid for all content on BullDude.com including the service covered by these terms and conditions.