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Discover the most interesting stocks and cryptos that show the best chart patterns every day with a simple click.

From stocks that show a resistance or trend-line breakout to those with a good chance of breaking out in the following days.

Don’t miss the analysis on the most anticipated stocks that are about to release the earnings report.

At the beginning of the week, you will learn about earnings growth expectations. At the weekend you will know the results released.

You will discover every week the most interesting companies in terms of key business data and future growth estimates.

You will be able to discover the trend of key business data in recent years through intuitive tables and charts.

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Every day many opportunities are created on the stock market, in particular in reference to companies that exceed certain key chart levels.

On every day you will find analysis that inform you about these events, together with analysis on earnings reports and key data of many companies.

You can access all this valuable information in one place at a very low price.
Monthly membership costs $ 19.90 (only $ 4.90 per week), while annual membership costs $ 198.90 (only $ 3.80 per week).

Absolutely yes.

When you subscribe, you have 14 days to decide to get a 100% refund.

Just send an email to More information can be found in terms and conditions.

Two payment methods are available: The first payment method is PayPal, which allows you to start a subscription, which is automatically renewed every month / year, if you have a PayPal account. The second payment method is Stripe, which allows you to start a subscription, which is automatically renewed every month / year, using a credit, debit or prepaid card.

Yes, the payments are 100% safe because all data is managed directly by the 2 payment leaders (PayPal and Stripe). No data transits from the site.

Yes, as soon as the period for which the membership has been paid has ended, the 2 payment providers (PayPal and Stripe) will automatically charge the amount for the following month, until the user communicates the desire to stop the automatic payments (and then stop the subscription on

The procedure is very simple. Send an email to expressing the desire to stop the subscription. This will block payment of membership for the following months/years and membership on will automatically end at the end of the period for which you paid.

For any other information refer to the terms and conditions

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