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Categories of Exclusive Analysis

On you will find a lot of information every day, from the best chart patterns to not miss the opportunities that arise every day to analysis on the most interesting earnings reports, before and after publication. Without missing the analysis on the key data of many companies and the possibility of following the construction and progress of BullDude’s portfolios.

Below you will find the 3 categories of analysis available on

Chart Patterns

Within this category 2-3 articles are published every day (about 60 per month) that allow you to have full coverage on companies that show a certain chart patterns

Every day you will learn about companies that breakout a resistance, trend-line or key moving average or those that have a good chance of making a breakout in the following days. 

Since the beginning of the year, several companies that have appeared in these articles have achieved exceptional performances. Among the best known Tesla (TSLA) that after breakout a key moving average at the end of March 2020 has grown by over 480% in a few months and among the lesser known Niu Technologies (NIU) that after breakout a resistance in May 2020 has grown by over 500% in a few months.

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Earnings Reports

Within this category you will have full coverage of the companies that publish the earnings reports. 

At the beginning of the week you will find an article containing some key data on the main companies that release the earnings report in the following days such as analysts’ expectations and behavior in previous quarters. At the weekend you will find an analysis on the key data reported by the companies in the earnings reports. In addition, during the week after a few minutes from the publication of the earnings reports you will find an article containing a summary of the results released by the main companies. 

Finally, you will have access to the exclusive “Pre-Market Movers” article which is published approximately 1 hour before the opening of the US stock markets and contains the pre-market movements of the 80 companies that are part of the BullDude’s bundles.

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Stock Analysis & Portfolio

The purpose of stock analysis is to intuitively show a series of very useful key data to learn more about the companies covered. The most interesting key data ranges from the ability of companies to grow the business and operate with high business margins to future growth estimates.

The BullDude’s portfolios are 2 portfolios that are currently in a testing phase that you can follow daily on Every day an article will be published containing the buy and sell transactions and over the weekend a summary of the weekly performance in terms of return and risk will be published. The 2 BullDude ‘portfolios are as follows: IPOs and Mid/Large Cap.

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The stock market moves very fast and to take advantage of the opportunities that arise, it is necessary to have the most important information almost in real time. Here at you will find exclusive analysis every day to be always ready to seize every opportunity and you will learn about many new interesting companies.

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Full Membership gives you access to all 3 categories of analysis on described above. You will learn about the best chart patterns every day, the key data of the companies that release the earnings report, exclusive analysis on different companies and the possibility to follow BullDude's portfolios.

Bundle Membership ($24.90/Month)

The Bundle Membership allows you to access to 2 of the 3 categories of analysis on described above.

Single Membership ($14.90/Month)

Single Membership allows you to access only 1 of the 3 categories of analysis on described above.

Frequently Asked Question

Every day many opportunities are created on the stock market, in particular in reference to companies that exceed certain key chart levels.

On every day you will find analysis that inform you about these events, together with analysis on earnings reports, key data of many companies and the possibility of following the construction and progress of BullDude’s portfolios.

Of course, we find it correct that it allows customers to subscribe only to one type of analysis because not everyone may be interested in all 3. Within this page, in the “Type of Membership” section you can choose whether to subscribe to Full (all 3 categories), Single (only one category as requested by you) or Bundle (you can choose 2 categories out of 3).

Absolutely yes.

When you subscribe, you have 14 days to decide to get a 100% refund.

Just send an email to More information can be found in terms and conditions.

Two payment methods are available: The first payment method is PayPal, which allows you to start a subscription, which is automatically renewed every month / year, if you have a PayPal account. The second payment method is Stripe, which allows you to start a subscription, which is automatically renewed every month / year, using a credit, debit or prepaid card.

Yes, the payments are 100% safe because all data is managed directly by the 2 payment leaders (PayPal and Stripe). No data transits from the site.

Yes, as soon as the period for which the membership has been paid has ended, the 2 payment providers (PayPal and Stripe) will automatically charge the amount for the following month, until the user communicates the desire to stop the automatic payments (and then stop the subscription on

The procedure is very simple. Send an email to expressing the desire to stop the subscription. This will block payment of membership for the following months/years and membership on will automatically end at the end of the period for which you paid.

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