Upcoming Ex-Dividend dates | Week of February 3

Inside this article you find information relating to the upcoming Ex-Dividend Dates, or the last day on which it is possible to hold the share of a company to be entitled to the next dividend. In particular, 2 types of companies are shown:

  • 5 companies with the Largest Dividends Yields
  • 5 companies with the Highest Market Capitalization

The purpose of this analysis is purely informative.

Best Dividend Yields of the coming week

In the following screen it is possible to know the companies that in the coming week will have the Ex Dividend Date, useful to take a position in a company to be entitled to receive the next dividend.

In particular, the 5 companies with the largest Dividend Yield and the 5 companies with the highest market capitalization are reported.

Inside the table it is possible to find the amount of the dividend per share ($), Dividend Yield (%), Ex-Div Date and the date of payment of the dividend.

“Ex-Dividend Datedefinition

The ex-dividend date or “ex-date” is the day the stock starts trading without the value of its next dividend payment. Typically, the ex-dividend date for a stock is one business day before the record date, meaning that an investor who buys the stock on its ex-dividend date or later will not be eligible to receive the declared dividend. Rather, the dividend payment is made to whoever owned the stock the day before the ex-dividend date.

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This analysis provides you useful information about the upcoming Ex-Dividend Dates.

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Sources & additional info

*Main data (Earnings reports and Dividends) by zacks.com
*Definition of Ex-Dividend dates by investopedia.com

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