KB Home (KBH): Pre-Earnings Report Analysis

The purpose of this analysis is to make available to readers a series of data relating to the companies that release the earnings reports during the week.

In particular, the data concern analysts ‘expectations about growth in EPS and Revenue, transactions in the last quarter by Hedge Funds and Insiders, analysts’ target price and a risk indicator.

The information mentioned above is contained within a “card”. In addition, you can find a stock price chart to compare it with the S&P 500 index (black line).

Information contained in the “card”:

  • “Estimated EPS / Revenue Growth Y-o-Y”: growth or decrease expected by analysts on Earnings-Per-Share (EPS) and Revenue in this quarter compared to the same quarter of 12 months before
  • “Hedge Funds Buy / Sell”: indicates the number of shares purchased (if the box is green) or sold (if the box is red) by Hedge Funds in the last quarter
  • “Insiders Buy / Sell”: the total value of the shares bought (if the box is green) or sold (if the box is red) by the Insiders in the last quarter
  • “Target Price”: the potential Upside (if the box is green) or Downside (if the box is red and with a negative sign) of the stock price in the following 12 months according to analysts
  • “Beta”: coefficent that measures the volatility of a stock’s returns relative to the market (S&P 500 index) in the last 60 months. The stock will be more risky than the market based on how much the beta is above 1

The information contained within the “card” is for informational purposes only. Volatility during this event is high and the risks are high. Trade responsibly.

KB Home (KBH)

KB Home operates as a homebuilding company in the United States. It operates in four segments: West Coast, Southwest, Central, and Southeast.

 KBH releases the quarterly report on 01/09/20 .
Analysts in this quarter expect 33,30% EPS growth and 19,20% Revenue growth .
In the last quarter Hedge Funds have increased their positions by 629.9k shares, while the Insiders sold shares for $12.63M .
Analysts believe  KBH is undervalued by 4,00% at current prices.

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Sources & additional info

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*Information on EPS and Revenue estimated (and company description) by finance.yahoo.com
*The other earnings reports “card” information from barchart.com
*Charts by tradingview.com

DISCLAIMER: The information in this blog post represents my own analysis/opinions and does not contain a recommendation for any particular security or investment. Stocks trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. Trade responsibly.