Short-Term Strength: 4 Cryptos to Watch

Within this article you will find some cryptocurrencies that are in the moment of Greatest Short-term Strength.

How to determine the moment of greatest strength of the price?

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A very simple method to determine if a company is in the moment of greatest strength is to check if it has just reached a new high. For example, to know if a crypto is in the moment of greatest strength in its entire history, it is necessary to check whether it has just reached a new all-time high, or a price / market capitalization never reached before.

The length of time to consider to check if it has reached a new high depends on the goal. Here are the periods to consider based on 4 main goals:

  • Maximum Short-term strength:
    • New 1-Month High
  • Maximum Short/Medium term strength:
    • New 3-Month High
  • Maximum Medium-term strength:
    • New 52-Week High
  • Maximum Long-term strength:
    • New All-Time High

Within this article we will focus on Maximum Short-term strength, so we will only consider companies that have just reached a New 1-Month High.

The cryptocurrencies shown here have a minimum market capitalization of $ 100 million and the price is always relative to the USD (e.g. Bitcoin / US Dollar, Ethereum / US Dollar etc). Cryptocurrencies have a very high volatility and are therefore very risky. Click here for the full disclaimer.

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