New All-Time High: 4 Recent IPOs to Watch

This article shows some of the companies that have had Initial-Public-Offering (IPO) in the last years and have reached a new all-time high in today’s trading session.

For each of the companies there will be a daily chart showing the performance of the stock price from the day of the IPO to today.


Initial-Public-Offering (IPO): Strategy to Maximize Return and Minimize Risk

If a company is at an all-time high, it means that it has currently reached a value that it had never been able to achieve before, so it is a clear sign of the company’s strength.

New All-Time High: DocuSign Inc (DOCU)

As shown in the chart above, DocuSign Inc (DOCU) had reached a New All-time High on May 5, 2020, reported on the same day in the article “10 Stocks to a New All-Time High | May 5”.

Since that day DocuSign Inc (DOCU) has grown by more than + 80% in just 2 months.

Among the other companies reported in the article, Shopify Inc (SHOP) grew by + 55% in the same period and PayPal (PYPL) grew by + 45%.

The information in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice.

Today’s New All-Time High

Unity Software Inc (U)

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