4 Financial Giants with a SuperTrend Bullish Signals

Inside this article you find companies that show a buy signal of reverse of the trend according to SUPERTREND, a well-known indicator that is based on volatility to establish the presence or inversion of a trend.

What is the Supertrend?

The supertrend is a useful indicator for determining the presence of a trend in a financial instrument.

It is calculated by applying a volatility indicator (10-day Average True Range multiplied by a parameter of 3) to the average price of the trading session.

SUPERTREND – Potential Signals of Trend Reversal

The supertrend indicator applies directly to the price chart and indicates the presence of a positive trend if the line is green and is below the prices. On the contrary, it indicates the presence of a negative trend if the line is red and is above the prices.

Below the companies that today have shown a positive signal of reversal of the recent negative short-term trend and are ready to follow the underlying positive trend (the supertrend has gone from above to below prices, going from red to green).

Inside the charts the red line refers to a price level that could support the price growth until it is exceeded downward, price hypothetical where the stop-loss could be placed.

None of the patterns below guarantee success because there may be false buy signals. The purpose of this analysis is purely informative.

JpMorgan Chase & Co (JPM)

American Express Co (AXP)

Citigroup Inc (C)

Bank of America Corp (BAC)

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