10 Growth Leaders: After the Break, Will the Rally Start Again?

Since its inception, BullDude.com has been aiming to help traders around the world by providing them with updated information every day, so that they can make decisions with more information available.

With this in mind, in this short article we are going to see 10 companies that up to 2 weeks ago (around mid-July) were undisputed market leaders (in terms of price increase), but which in these 2 weeks have seen a decrease in the price of at least 10%, making the more attractive price than 2 weeks ago.

Among these 10 companies we find:

  • 2 pharmaceutical stocks running for Covid-19 vaccine that have grown by more than +3000% and +250% since the beginning of the year
  • a $ 1 trillion e-commerce
  • a much talked about stocks that made its founder recently one of the richest in the world

Let’s see together which companies we are talking about …

10 Growth Leaders

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