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My name is Lorenzo, I am a Popular Investor on eToro investment platform (@iEarnings), passionate about the stock market and I have a master’s degree in corporate finance and financial markets.

I created BullDude.com in September 2019 because I have a strong passion for the stock market and I like numbers and analysis.

Types of analysis available on BullDude.com

1. Daily Chart Patterns

  • Breakout (Resistance, Trend-Line, Key Moving Average)
  • SuperTrend, MACD, Key Buy Pattern, Bollinger Bands
  • Buy the Dip
  • Potential Breakout

2. Earnings Reports

  • Pre-Earnings Reports Analysis
  • Post-Earnings Reports Analysis
  • Upcoming Earnings Reports

3. BD-score

  • BD-score analysis

4. Summary

  • Pre-market movers (including Earnings Reports movers)
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Summary

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