“14-day Free-Trial” – Terms and Conditions

The following describes the terms and conditions that must be accepted by those who sign the 14-day free trial, hereinafter referred to as the “14-day Free-Trial”, which will allow full access to the BullDude.com Website.

The following terms and conditions refer to the single type of product / service described below, but presuppose the acceptance of the general terms and conditions of BullDude.com.

“14-day Free-Trial”
The subscription of the “14-day Free-Trial” entitles you to free access for 14 days to all the contents present on BullDude.com which only those who have signed up for a paid membership can access. At the end of the free trial there is no automatic transformation into paid membership because in order to access the free trial it is not necessary to connect a payment method.

The “Free-Trial” can be used only once by each person during life. The user must confirm to enter truthful data and every day a check will be carried out by crossing the IP address, name, surname and email address to identify those who will try to do more than 1 free trial, using different email addresses. In the event that a person tries to do more than 1 free trial, the account will be immediately deleted, he will end up in the BullDude.com blacklist (which will not allow access to the site from that moment on, even by subscribing to a paid membership ).

BullDude.com reserves the right to immediately stop the free trial if it believes that the account belongs to a person who has already done a free trial in the past.

How to subscribe to the “14-day Free-Trial”

1) go to the Membership page and click on “Start 14-day Free-Trial”
2) you will be redirected to a registration form on the BullDude.com site
3) fill in the registration form and click on “Subscribe”
5) after clicking on “Subscribe” you will immediately have full access to the BullDude.com site for 14 days.

After finalizing the subscription to the “14-day Free-Trial” you will receive an email informing you of the success of the operation, with the related access data to the site (valid for 14 days). At the end of the 14 days of the “14-day Free-Trial” the account will be deleted and it will no longer be possible to access it.

Subscribe to the paid 1-Month Membership or 1-Year Membership after the 14-day Free-Trial

Case 1: intention to switch from a 14-day Free-Trial NOT yet completed to paid membership
1) send an email to bulldude.info@gmail.com indicating the desire to stop the “14-day Free-Trial” to switch to a paid membership
2) BullDude.com will delete the “14-day Free-Trial” account and provide simple instructions for signing up for a paid membership

Case 2: intention to switch from a “14-day Free-Trial” already ended to paid membership
1) follow the simple subscription procedure present within the terms and conditions of the Paid Membership